Prepare for IELTS General Training Practice Tests

Prepare For IELTS General Training practice tests will help you prepare for the General Training module of the IELTS test.

Download Prepare for IELTS – General Training Practice Tests (PDF & Audio)

Prepare for IELTS: General Training Practice Tests will help you prepare for the General Training module of the IELTS test by identifying problem areas and familiarizing you with the test format.

Containing five practice tests and written by IELTS experts, the book includes full transcripts and answer keys and has been extensively tested in IELTS preparation classes.

Prepare For IELTS General Training practice tests

The two latest IELTS books have been updated in June 2006 by Insearch Institute – University of Technology Sydney, with necessary additions to help English learners and IELTS test takers learn most effectively. and get the best results in the IELTS exam.

After nearly 6 months of contact, negotiation, and persuasion, First News has reached an exclusive copyright agreement to print and distribute this book series in Vietnam with Insearch UTS Academy, with a price of only 20% of the book’s price. Original, but with similar quality. English learners have the opportunity to study and prepare for IELTS on beautiful, quality books at affordable prices.

This is a set of IELTS study and preparation books compiled and published by Insearch Academy – a place specializing in providing training courses to help students and students can take the exam/study transfer to the University of Technology Sydney, Australia. 2005. In June 2006, Insearch released the latest update. Consists of two categories:

  1. Academic Practice Tests,
  2. General Training Practice Tests.

Each category includes practice tests that help students become familiar with the IELTS test structure and identify areas that require preparation and concentration.

The book is organized into 4 main parts: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking with 05 practice tests for each part. Each section has an introduction with specific instructions, explanations, and suggested answers. The book also provides sample quizzes, additional reading materials, and the writing section has been updated and supplemented with sample answers.

In addition, in addition to an introduction to the exam, how to take the IELTS test, tips on how to prepare for the test day to get the best results at the beginning, the book also includes Answers and Transcripts to learn. members self-check and compare.

The set includes two books. Each book comes with 03 CDs with listening exercises (CD 1, 2) and sample questions and answers (CD 3).

Prepare for IELTS General Training Practice Tests

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