Progressive Skills Level 2 (PDF+Audio)

At the end of this article you will be able to download Progressive Skills Level 2 full package Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening and Speaking  (PDF+Audio). I hope that this book will help you to improve your English skills and will get you ready to start practicing the TOEFL  and IELTS tests.

Let’s talk more about Progressive Skills Level 2…

Download Progressive Skills Level 2 Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening, and Speaking  (PDF+Audio).

Progressive Skills Level 2

The Progressive Skills in English website provides students with great resources to practice, and improve on, the skills learned in Garnet Education’s Progressive Skills in English course.

Student resources include practice activities for:

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Listening and Speaking

Progressive Skills is the perfect way to build the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills required for lectures, tutorials, research and written assignments in English. It is also ideal for students who wish to improve their scores in skills-based examinations for university entrance, such as IELTS.

Special Features:

  • The course uses authentic academic material to prepare students for the reality of university study.
  • It is a complete multimedia course, including audio CDs, video DVDs and a dedicated student website, providing everything you and your students need.
  • Each level is extremely flexible, allowing you to schedule courses from 25 hours to 120 hours in length, focusing on the skills your students need to develop.
  • Unlike traditional tense-based courses, Progressive Skills teaches syntactic grammar, which is more appropriate for studying academic English.
  • A focus on discrete skills makes it easier for students to learn.
  • Word lists at the beginning of each section help students acquire the key vocabulary they will need for this course and in their wider studies.

About the course:

Progressive Skills in English is a new course that prepares students for entry into English-medium study. Progressive Skills in English teaches necessary skills as part of a systematic programme of language development. The course builds the skills required for lectures, tutorials, reading research and written assignments in English. These new separate-skill editions allow students to focus on their individual skill requirements.

Progressive Skills Level 2 (PDF+Audio)

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