Schaum’s Outline of English Grammar, Third Edition

Schaum’s Outline of English Grammar has two principal advantages. It facilitates mastery of writing and enables students to study the grammar of other languages more efficiently. This second edition of English Grammar was developed to make the study of English grammar as current and as effective as possible for all students, whether or not English is their first language.

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A Glossary of Grammatical Terms is provided as a reference to be used at any time. We hope that students will continue to find our exercises and explanations helpful.

Chapter 1 discusses the principal elements of the sentence, and the next six chapters provide information and practice in all the parts of speech: nouns and articles, verbs and verbals, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions and conjunctions.

Each chapter of the book first presents necessary definitions and discussions, complete with examples.

Schaum’s Outline of English Grammar presentation is then followed by exercises designed to help the student achieve mastery of the subject. Answers to all exercises are provided at the end of the book.

The student is advised to work step by step through each chapter, doing each exercise in turn and checking the answers before proceeding further.

When we are reading any book, we nourish our mind with the information inside it. And this is how food fuels us. It improves our language with a really amazing way. The books we read-build our language step by step. And the better kind of books we read, the better our language and brains get