The First Picture Dictionary pdf

The First Picture Dictionary pdf is an oversized POB with updated images and text, perfect for every curious kid.

The SCHOLASTIC FIRST PICTURE DICTIONARY contains more than 700 words and pictures carefully chosen and organized by specialists in order to facilitate first-time readers.

Thematically organized into a variety of beautiful, realistic, thematic settings, including a home, school, downtown, and nature. The Dictionary is made interactive by frequent questions whose answers relate to words found on the same page.

My First Picture Dictionary pdf

The First Picture Dictionary book is a great reference book for children, parents, and teachers.

This book offers over 750 definitions, descriptions, and beautiful illustrations of vocabulary words that help children:

  • Easy to learn and look up in alphabetical order.
  • Expand your vocabulary.
  • Develop research and study skills.
  • Mastery with simple grammatical structures.

first picture dictionary pdf

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