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Short Stories for Teens

Short Stories for Teens is a collection of short stories written by teenagers. They have been carefully selected to motivate adolescent students and enable teachers to analyse and discuss themes that are of special interest to this age group.

Short Stories for Teens

Short Stories for Teens is a photocopiable collection of short stories that have been carefully selected to motivate teenage students with 3-to-4 years of English study. The themes are of special interest to this age group: family relationships, traditions vs modem life, driving cars, love, and friendship… The stories also offer students insight into contemporary British and American culture seen through the eyes of teenagers, who have written many of the stories themselves.
The nine stories in this book are organized by level of difficulty and complexity. Each story is accompanied by both Reading and Listening Comprehension Activities that are designed to encourage students to become both active readers and listeners.
The Reading Activities will help students develop their comprehension skills and understand how the story is constructed. A complete understanding of the story is reached through a step-by-step analysis that goes from global comprehension to detailed comprehension questions. The Word Store section will help students revise and retain the vocabulary they have read and the What Do You Think? the section will encourage students to give their opinions about the story and its themes.
Each story is read aloud on the CD and is accompanied by Listening Activities. These complement the Reading Activities and focus on aural discrimination and micro-listening. Their variety will show students how to pay greater attention to what they hear and improve their listening comprehension skills. Copying a recording onto an audio cassette is authorized and a suggested procedure for work in a language laboratory or classroom.
Short Stories for Teens will enable students to enjoy reading fiction in English and improve their language abilities.



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