Speaking for IELTS

The Speaking for IELTS book summarizes the best vocabulary for IELTS speaking and gives you a wealth of good vocabulary for sections.

Speaking for IELTS

This book is free for all of you who are studying for IELTS by themselves. The book gives you a wealth of good vocabulary for sections.
IELTS Speaking test and suitable for all levels. From target 5.5 friends to aim band friends 8.0 ~ 9.0.


  • STEP 1: You should print this book and print colored covers for motivation. The printing helps you to continue Collecting knowledge and learning vocabulary in books is easier and easier.
  • STEP 2: Always update the subject Latest Speaking. You probably know about 3 ~ 4 months, the IELTS Speaking test will change once. The time I have a lot of Speaking propositions online but I believe my current set is the most accurate (because I’m also meticulous compared to each report of the students who report to get the final set of questions).
  • STEP 3: Using the book “Speaking for IELTS” to compile the answer script for the latest Speaking questions The Speaking test takes all 3 parts, you can use the vocabulary in these 20 topics to improve your quality amount of answer.

For each word if you think without understanding how to use you can look right at the left column -> you will see how do these words actually apply in the speech? So it’s easy to apply it exactly in your speech you guys over.

I believe that even with the IELTS, you should still keep this book to study. It is extremely useful for practice Speaking long after this. If you learn the book effectively and improve speaking, you can comment on this post and tell us about your experiences with this book. 

I wish you all the best in your IELTS test, Good Luck!