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Spelling Lessons and Activities (PDF)

Spelling Lessons and Activities (PDF)

Spelling Lessons and Activities contains a complete, sequenced spelling curriculum with more than thirty lessons at each level.

From the “Elements of Language” series from Holt, Rinehart & Winston. Covers more than just spelling – these specially designed curriculum asks the student to think about language and words, how words are formed and put together, linguistic roots, etc…. all with fun & easy exercises. But at the end of each unit you’ll be shocked at how much you’ve learned!

6 units, containing over 30 segments, include the following topics:

  • How to study a word.
  • Spelling strategies.
  • Proofreading strategies.
  • Making a personal word log.
  • Compound words.
  • Homophones.
  • Adding Endings to Words.
  • Related words.
  • Easily confused words.
  • Prefixes / Suffixes.
  • Words from: French, Greek, and Latin roots.
  • Adjective endings.
  • Science & technology words.
  • Prefixes that tell position, size & amount.
  • Noun & verb endings.
  • Noun endings – diminuitives.
  • Appendix: Spelling dictionary, word logs.
  • Each unit comes with two practice tests & review activities.





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