Succeed In Cambridge English Advanced

Succeed In Cambridge English

Succeed In Cambridge English Advanced is an advanced self study guide to practice the Cambridge English test. The course will help you to get over the CAE test with a high score.

Assessment scales

The scales which are used for marking the answers to the Writing questions consist of the following four subscales:

1. Content: 

Candidates are assessed based on how well they have fulfilled the task, and whether they have addressed all the content points stated in the questions.

2. Communicative Achievement:

It focuses on the appropriateness of registration and format for the task. Candidates are expected to show command of the conventions of the communicative task and communicate their ideas in an effective and convincing way, holding the target reader’s attention and fulfilling all communicative purposes.

3. Organisation:

Information and ideas should be adequately organised with the correct use of cohesive devices.

4. Language:

It focuses on the range of structures and vocabulary and how accurately they are used. Candidates’ responses are marked on each subscale from 0 to 5.

Guidelines on Length

The number of words required for each writing task is 220-260 words and it is clearly stated in the questions. Answers which might be too short, usually, do not have an adequate range of language and do not include all the information that is required for the specific task.

On the other hand, very long answers, very often, contain irrelevant information and may confuse the reader. In both cases, candidates’ marks on the relevant subscales are affected in a negative way.

Paper 2 – Writing Part 1 – Essay

The Part 1 question, which is the compulsory task, is always an Essay. Some notes on the topic, in the form of three bullet points, are provided and candidates are required to select two of the bullet points and write their essay. They should not refer to more than two of the points, as this will lead to the essay being less developed than required. Candidates should state which of the two points is more important and justify their opinions.

They will also be provided with three short opinions related to the bullet points to which they can refer in order to get information to help them develop their essay. Candidates should try and use their own words as far as possible and not copy from the texts given.

An Essay is usually written for an academic tutor or as a follow up of a discussion, panel discussion or a documentary etc. It should be well organised, with an introduction, clear paragraphs and final conclusion and should present an opinion giving reasons to support it. Candidates need to practise using different ways to express opinions and agree or disagree using formal language. Correct use of appropriate linking words, as well as opening and concluding paragraphs, is essential in essay writing.

Succeed In Cambridge English Course Features

  1. Audioscripts & Key.
  2. Writing Supplement including sample responses with examiner comments.
  3. Detailed JUSTIFICATION of the Answers for all key parts of each practice test.