Succeed in IELTS Listening and Vocabulary (PDF+Audio)

Download Succeed in IELTS Listening and Vocabulary(PDF+Audio)

The Succeed in IELTS Listening and Vocabulary (PDF+Audio) course helps IELTS candidates improve their Listening skills in IELTS and at the same time learn new Vocabulary. It consists of 10 theme-based units that deal with all the different Listening IELTS exam tasks. At the end of the book, there is a complete IELTS Listening Practice Test. A full-colour IELTS Listening Exam Guide analyzing all the different task types of the Listening Section is also included. Teacher’s book has teacher’s notes and answers to the exercises overprinted.

1. Review book content:

The Listening book is also designed according to the introduction and 10 Unit Lessons, which provides an overview of the test section along with exercises and tips for doing exercises effectively.

Specifically, the 10 Unit Lessons focus on numbers, school activities, and more like the contents table here. In particular, each lesson will provide different types of questions, often with that topic for you to practice easier.

Each lesson has exercises and additional tips to help you do the lesson, remember – strategic section to make the question form in the right direction, faster. With the listening test, you should only listen once, so you will practice writing in the form of a sentence, capture the problem of each type of questions, and record keywords, it will be easier.
After 10 lessons is the Giude section – summarizing the test-taking strategy for candidates with detailed practice exercises. You have useful tips and study tips.

2. Effective study guide

Like the Speaking document above, learn the tips and then apply them to your lessons.

Study time can be 2-3 hours a day to complete a unit plus do homework. Because hearing too much will cause pain in your ears, take time to rest.