Succeed in IELTS Speaking and Vocabulary

Succeed in IELTS Speaking and Vocabulary will give you the knowledge provided for the IELTS speaking skill and a lot of useful vocabulary.

Succeed in IELTS Speaking and Listening are two books focusing on Listening – Speaking skills, closely related to each other. Please refer to the book review, study guide and download.

Note: Because the Speaking – Listening part of Academic and General exam forms are the same, the book is used for both review cases.

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Succeed in IELTS Speaking and Vocabulary

1. What does the book include?

Design books with introductory structure, practice lessons, and answers. Candidates will learn how to answer naturally and practice on 10 different topics in Speaking.


The introductory section introduces the sections in Skeang and shares helpful tips when taking the test. This section has 7 chapters in which each chapter is an introductory part and summarizes the knowledge and simple tests to help learners try first.

Part two consists of 10 lessons in 10 familiar topics:

  • Travel
  • Life in the 21st
  • Century
  • Art and Culture
  • Home
  • Education
  • Planet Earth
  • Technology
  • Crime
  • Heath
    Designing each Unit, the author provides basic knowledge about that topic, vocabulary to help learners practice and memorize. Speaking requires you to perform 3 steps: Preparation – take important notes -> Remember the main ideas and paper – Practice speaking according to your ideas.

The test is illustrated in 3 parts with separate tips for students to practice their own speech more effectively.

And sure enough, the next answer keys helps you to check the answer yourself.

Combining this series, you can refer to the complete IELTS Basic document that also provides interesting and interesting lessons, along with effective practice.

2. Effective study guide:

The book comes with a pdf + audio version so listen to vocabulary and sample lessons for better pronunciation.

Read the tips shared in the first section, recording the most interesting points to apply to the lessons that follow.

Every day taking time to study 1 Unit will be easier to remember and practice offline.

 Succeed in IELTS Speaking and Vocabulary


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