Target Band 7 IELTS Academic Module

Target Band 7 IELTS Academic Module  is an excellent self-study book for intense IELTS preparation in a few weeks. This book will help You to achieve your best personal IELTS score.

Target Band 7 IELTS Academic Module

The Target Band 7 book is great for those who want to achieve a high score in their IELTS exam. The book is easy-to-understand with clear tips and strategies that are easy to put into practice, this is a book written by someone who has taken and IELTS exam themselves.

It gives solutions to problems you might encounter, loads of tips and it gets great reviews from students who have used this book for their own IELTS preparation.

Target Band 7 Pros

  • Gives you good tips on test strategy including how to use your time more effectively and work more efficiently.
  • It’s clear and easy-to-read.
  • It’s written by someone who has taken the IELTS tests themselves.

Target Band 7 Cons 

  • Some of the sample tests don’t have answers.
  • There are no full IELTS exams included.

Target Band 7 IELTS Academic Module Review

It will really help you :

– I had several Books about IELTS , but this one contains secrets ” do and don’t ” about IELTS.
– For me that was the first time to take IELTS exam , I did not know what I will have and how the exam will be ?
– I asked so many people , every one gives me his opinion, ” you should do this and you should do that “
– So , i decided to by this book because the reviews was positive, for me I just wanted to have Band ” 6 ” , I read it “7 days ” before the exam , it really works !! i had 6 easily.
– every thing I saw in the exam was mention in this book. ” it covers every part of the IELTS”.
– This book will guide you what to do in every section , and how should you answer .
you just need beside this book a good English back ground .

NOTE: ” this book will not teach you English , it is only tips and steps for letting you to have ” Band 7 on IELTS “