Teaching IELTS: Cambridge English Teacher

IELTS teaching can occasionally be difficult, particularly if you’re new to the test; rolling admissions, mixed-ability classes, and high student expectations can be challenging to manage.

This course materials is designed to improve your knowledge of the IELTS exam and increase your self-assurance in the classroom.

Teaching IELTS: Cambridge English Teacher

Learn everything there is to know about IELTS so you can encourage your students to take the test with confidence. To ensure that your students are fully prepared for exam success, use realistic strategies and activities.

The four papers, including the Academic and General Training options, and all sections are covered in detail in this course. Before describing how they are assessed, the kinds of tasks learners can anticipate, and strategies for each of those tasks, it first considers what it means to be good at these skills.

supplying you with resources on how to integrate this into the classroom with useful suggestions that enable students to perform at their best.

Teaching IELTS: Cambridge English Teacher


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