Teaching Online PDF

Teaching Online PDF

Teaching online is a book for teachers who wanna start working online. You are going to learn a lot of strategies and will learn step by step how to start teaching online.

Teaching Online

Online learning is becoming increasingly popular, both in the field of language teaching and in mainstream education. Online course delivery has now been around for well over a decade, and we are getting to the point where learners often expect some sort of online component or support as part of their course. Many teachers are embracing this new form of course delivery as an opportunity. And just as many teachers perceive the move towards online courses as an ordeal, a threat or at least a source of stress.

There is also growing pressure on both teachers and institutions to offer their learners online learning options to supplement f2f (face-to-face) classes, due not only to the spectacular growth of technology and increased access to it over the last decade, but also due to the increasingly busy lifestyles of our adult learners and the increased ‘tech-showiness’ of our younger learners.

We have come across many teachers in our work who admit quite openly that they are ‘terrified’ of having to teach online, even though they do recognize the potential advantages for their learners.

Ordeal or opportunity?

Whether you perceive online learning as an opportunity or an ordeal will depend to a large extent on how well prepared you are to deal with this new form of teaching and learning. And this is where we hope this book can help – by preparing you for online teaching. But first things first. When exactly might you offer online learning to your learners?

Let us begin by imagining four different situations:

• You are a freelance English teacher.

• You are the director of studies of a language school.

• You are a teacher in a university language department.

• You teach younger learners up to the age of 16.