Teaching Content Areas to English Language Learners

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This practitioner-based book”Teaching the Content Areas to English Language Learners in Secondary Schools” provides different approaches for reaching an increasing population in today’s schools – English language learners (ELLs). The recent development and adoption of the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects (CCSS-ELA/Literacy), the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, the C3 Framework, and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) highlight the role that teachers have in developing discipline-specific competencies. This requires new and innovative approaches for teaching the content areas to all students.

The book begins with an introduction that contextualizes the chapters in which the editors highlight transdisciplinary theories and approaches that cut across content areas. In addition, the editors include a table that provides a matrix of how strategies and theories map across the chapters. The four sections of the book represent the following content areas: English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. This book offers practical guidance that is grounded in relevant theory and research and offers teachers suggestions on how to use the approaches described. 

When we are reading ” Teaching the Content Areas to English Language Learners in Secondary Schools ” any book, we nourish our mind with the information inside it. And this is how food fuels us. It improves our language with a really amazing way. The books we read-build our language step by step. And the better kind of books we read, the better our language and brains get built. That’s why we have to choose great books to read.

Our speaking becomes clearer as we are able to choose the right words to express ourselves. And nothing can stop us, from speaking like native speakers. We can be even better than the native. Because when we are reading, we actually travel through the information in that book. We explore new places, vistas, and emotions through the words that authors have written in the book.

As we have said the more we read, the more things we know about. And the more things we know, the more dreams we achieve out of our life. It is a fact that all great people at some point in time in their life have drawn inspiration from books. So Reading is like an exercise for our brains. It makes you think creatively and allow us to improve our characters. So make sure to read a good book ” Teaching the Content Areas to English Language Learners in Secondary Schools ” with virtuous characters is going turn you into a better person sooner or later.

Books are really immortal. They survive the tests of time to enlighten our brains. Makes us feel better. Books are the source of knowledge that we need. And with knowledge comes confidence. That’s why reading makes us feel more confident when we do it.  We feel expertise in a subject from continuous reading. It doesn’t matter if we have read only novels or short stories. Our grammar and vocabulary would have improved. ” Teaching the Content Areas to English Language Learners in Secondary Schools “


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