Test Your Vocabulary for FCE

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Download Test Your Vocabulary for FCE PDF:

The Test Your Vocabulary for FCE PDF book  has 60 tests to practice the most important vocabulary at First Certificate level Wide variety of tests, including gap-fills, multiple-choice, matching exercises, cartoons, and full answer key Tips on learning new vocabulary and preparing for the exam

Test Your Vocabulary for FCE:

This book is part of the popular Test Your … series developed by Peter Watcyn-Jones. Specially written for students preparing for the Cambridge First Certificate, the book includes 60 interesting tests to practice the key vocabulary areas affected by the exam. Tips and information tables, clear explanations and answers to all tests make this new book in the series more than attractive.

  • 60 tests to practice the most important vocabulary for the First Certificate level;
  • a variety of tests, such as: fill in the blanks, choose the correct answer, find a match, images and others;
  •  Useful tips when learning new words and preparing for the exam;
  • answers to all tests;
  • ideal for independent and cool work.

Level: Intermediate / Upper-intermediate

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