The Best LSAT Prep Books 2023

Get ahead in your Law School Admission Test (LSAT) with our expert-reviewed list of the top LSAT prep books to help you succeed!

Are you aspiring to become a lawyer and need to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT)? To excel in law schools approved by the American Bar Association, you need to have strong critical reading, analytical thinking, and verbal reasoning skills.

The LSAT is a standardized test designed specifically to assess these skills, and there are various study books and prep resources available to help you prepare for it. However, not all books are created equal, and choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

Fear not, as we have conducted a comprehensive analysis of the best LSAT study books on the market today, helping you find the perfect book to get into your dream law school.


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The Best 10 LSAT Prep Books

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced test-taker, our list is sure to have a book that fits your needs and helps you succeed.

  • Kaplan’s LSAT Prep Plus
  • The Princeton Review LSAT Premium Prep
  • The LSAT Trainer
  • The PowerScore LSAT Bible Trilogy 2023
  • Manhattan Prep 5 lb. Book of LSAT Practice Drills
  • Test Prep Books’ LSAT Prep Books 2021 and 2022, 7th Edition
  • 10 New Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests
  • The LSAT Tutor Exam
  • The New Official LSAT TriplePrep Volume 1


Kaplan’s LSAT Pepr Plus 2023

Kaplan’s LSAT Prep Plus is an excellent resource for test-takers, providing hundreds of sample LSAT questions from recent real exams, with detailed explanations of the correct answers. It also offers access to a wealth of online resources, including interactive workshops led by highly qualified instructors, making it one of the most popular LSAT courses worldwide.

Kaplan has been in practice for over 80 years and has recently updated its test book to cover the new digital version of the test, providing practical tips to help test-takers master the digital interface. The book also includes a full-length exam created by the LSAC, the actual test maker for the LSAT, allowing test-takers to become familiar with the actual testing format.

Kaplan’s LSAT Prep Plus combines real test questions with detailed analysis, expert reviews, and online analytics to illustrate performance on each section of the test and question type. An added bonus is that it grants access to a full year of their free online resources.

Determining whether it’s your sole book depends on your specific needs and learning style. Test-takers should consider their individual preferences before deciding if Kaplan’s LSAT Prep Plus is the right resource for them.

Kaplan’s LSAT Pepr Plus 2023


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The Princeton Review LSAT Premium Prep 28th Edition

The Princeton Review LSAT Premium Prep is a highly respected all-in-one solution for achieving a high LSAT score, with extensive and detailed prep resources for the LSAT. The book contains three full and official practice tests, with targeted strategies for each section, and premium online extras through its portal.

It functions as an instructional manual, breaking down over 100 actual LSAT problems from previous exams, providing step-by-step test-taking strategies for every topic, including logic games, arguments, reading comprehension, and writing skills. Each section offers specific, targeted test-taking strategies customized to each section, designed with input from expert instructors, and includes practice drills before diving into the full-length practice exams.

The practice exams are accessible online and include thorough and detailed explanations for each answer, helping test-takers understand the reasoning behind incorrect answers. The book also includes a full breakdown and analysis of common mistakes and how to avoid them, along with essay tips, study guides, admission guides, law school profiles, and more.

The Princeton Review LSAT Premium Prep

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The LSAT Trainer

The LSAT Trainer is a straightforward and simple-to-digest book designed for self-motivated and driven students who are an ace at study techniques. It is considered by many teachers, reviewers, and students to be among the most effective and advanced products available today, with full lessons, strategies, solutions, and drills to strengthen skills and address areas of weakness.

The manual includes over 200 official questions and answers from the LSAT, with proven strategies for mastering logic reasoning questions, logic games, and reading comprehension questions. The LSAT Trainer offers over 30 unique drills to develop skills and habits ideal for approaching the LSAT and getting into the right mindset for the exam.

It also includes study scheduling resources and notebook organizers, making it an invaluable resource for those who have already dug into their preparation and need an additional resource with extra exercises to take their preparation to the next level.

The LSAT Trainer

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The PowerScore LSAT Bible Trilogy 2023

The PowerScore LSAT Bible Trilogy is a highly focused program for tackling the LSAT exam, with each resource specifically targeted to attack one specific part of the exam.

The first resource in the trilogy is the Logic Games Bible, which teaches techniques to solve a variety of question types and offers detailed analysis of 28 official logic games from the LSAT. It also teaches students to make accurate and efficient inferences and provides tips and techniques to manage time efficiently.

The second resource is the Logical Reasoning Bible, which offers detailed breakdowns of over 100 logical reasoning questions from past versions of the LSAT. It provides tips and tricks to improve reasoning and the ability to make inferences while managing time efficiently.

The third and final resource is the Reading Comprehension Bible, which provides explanations for 12 reading comprehension passages, with tips and tricks to break down and attack problems and manage time efficiently. It also offers insight on how to recognize and avoid traps and trick questions within the exams.

The PowerScore LSAT Bible Trilogy 2023


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Manhattan Prep 5 lb. Book of LSAT Practice Drills

The 5 lb. Book of LSAT Practice Drills is a supplement that allows test-takers to dig into the questions they will face on the LSAT exam.

It was developed by the top 1% of all LSAT instructors and offers a whopping 5,000 different questions to help you drill on the skills and techniques you’ve learned to improve your score. The thousands of questions in this book are divided among 180 drills that include cheat sheets to give you the tips and knowledge you need for every game and question type on the exam.

The book also offers detailed and thorough review guides to help you build your fundamental reasoning, comprehension, reading, and logic game analytical skills. Like the other books on this list, it offers access to online resources, in the form of the LSAT Navigator.

This portal allows you to score your efforts, which is a feature I really liked. It breaks down your performance and analyzes the proper answers to every question so you understand not just what the answer is, but why. It also offers a specific comparison to other forms of prep so that you understand why different approaches are valuable, as well as complete planning resources, including on-the-go study resources.

Manhattan Prep 5 lb. Book of LSAT Practice Drills

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Test Prep Books’ LSAT Prep Books 2021 and 2022, 7th Edition

Test Prep Books’ LSAT Prep 2021 and 2022 is a comprehensive study guide made by Test Prep Books experts for test-takers trying to achieve a great score on the LSAT exam.

The guide includes a quick overview, test-taking strategies, and a thorough breakdown of the test. Each section of the test has a comprehensive review, practice test questions, and answer explanations.

Test Prep Books has also provided top test-taking tips to help test-takers understand the material that is being covered and be familiar with the latest test-taking strategies. These strategies are necessary to properly use the time provided and help complete the test without making any errors.

The study guide offers LSAT review materials, practice questions, and test-taking strategies. It is an invaluable resource for anyone planning to take the LSAT exam. Test Prep Books also offers customer service, ensuring that users can interact with a real human being when they email comments or concerns.

Test Prep Books' LSAT Prep Books 2021 and 2022, 7th Edition

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10 New Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests

The 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests book is the first to include previously administered Comparative Reading questions that appeared in the LSAT in 2007.

This LSAT preparation tool covers PrepTest 52 (the September 2007 LSAT) through PrepTest 61 (the October 2010 LSAT). The book includes 10 previously administered LSATs, an answer key for each test, a writing sample for each test, and score-conversion tables.

For pure practice at an unbeatable price, the 10 Actual series is unmatched. Test-takers can utilize this essential LSAT preparation tool to enhance their practice sessions and improve their scores.

10 New Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests with Comparative Reading

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The LSAT Tutor Exam

APEX Test Prep’s LSAT Prep Books 2021-2022: The LSAT Tutor Exam Study Guide and Official Practice Test [4th Edition] is an all-inclusive LSAT study guide designed to make LSAT exam preparation as easy as possible.

The guide is packed with testing tips, clear instruction, comprehensive material, practice questions, and detailed answer explanations to ensure test-takers are properly prepared.

The study guide includes test-taking tips, a thorough breakdown of the test, detailed reviews of LSAT Logical Reasoning, LSAT Analytical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension, straightforward instruction, comprehensive material, LSAT practice test questions, and detailed answer explanations.

The questions written by APEX Test Prep are as close as possible to the actual LSAT exam questions. With APEX Test Prep’s LSAT Prep Books, test-takers have access to top-notch material and expert guidance to help them succeed.

The LSAT Tutor Exam

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The New Official LSAT TriplePrep Volume 1

The New Official LSAT TriplePrep series is the first TestPrep series of its kind and offers official LSAT® prep practice at an unbeatable price.

Each book includes three previously administered LSATs with three scored sections each, an answer key for each test, three writing samples, and score-conversion tables.

The TriplePrep series is an invaluable resource for LSAT test-takers seeking official LSAT prep practice at an affordable price. The series provides an opportunity to practice with official LSATs and familiarize oneself with the test format, scoring, and writing sample requirements.

The New Official LSAT TriplePrep Volume 1

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To excel in the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), selecting the right prep book is crucial. Our list of the best 10 LSAT prep books provides a comprehensive guide to help you choose the right book for your needs.

These books offer comprehensive content, test-taking strategies, practice questions, and detailed answer explanations to help you achieve your desired score.

With the right book and ample practice, you can increase your chances of getting into the law school of your choice and pursuing your dream career in law.