The Complete Guide To TOEFL Test (PDF+ Audio)

The instruction and practice in the Complete Guide to the TOEFL iBT closely mirrors the actual test, helping students to master the skills necessary to achieve the best possible score on the TOEFL iBT test and prepare them for success in an academic setting.

The Complete Guide To TOEFL Test

If you are preparing for TOEFL, you are not alone. Over a million people all over the world take either the Internet- or Paper-based version of the test every year.

A high score on this test is an essential step in being admitted to graduate or undergraduate programs at almost all colleges and universities in North America. A strong TOEFL score may also be needed to complete an English program at a language school or maybe a requirement for graduation from a university.

But preparing for this test can be a difficult, frustrating experience. Perhaps you haven’t taken many standardized, multiple-choice tests such as TOEFL.

Perhaps you are not familiar with the format of TOEFL. Maybe you’ve taken TOEFL once but were not satisfied with your score, or maybe you’ve taken the test several times but can’t seem to improve your score beyond a certain point. In any of these cases, you need a guide.

That’s why this book was written to help students preparing for this important exam to maximize their scores. This is the most complete and accurate TOEFL preparation book for the Paper-based test now available.

It is based on many years of classroom experience teaching TOEFL preparation classes in the United States and abroad, and on several years of research on the test.

The Complete Guide to the TOEFL Test is simply written and clearly organized and is suitable for any intermediate or advanced student of English as a second or foreign language.

The Complete Guide to the TOEFL Test offers a step-by-step program that teaches you critical test-taking techniques, helps you polish the language skills specifically needed for the Paper-based test, and generally makes you a smarter test-taker.

And the Guide is an efficient way to prepare for TOEFL; by concentrating only on the points that are actually tested on the TOEFL, it lets you make the most of your preparation period and never wastes your time.

This was our book for today. I hope that you are going to get the best out of it. You can get the book from the links below. Good luck on Your TOEFL Test!

The Complete Guide To TOEFL Test

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