The Complete IELTS Writing

The Complete IELTS Writing provides basic information, specific step-by-step instructions and strategies for solving all types of problems of both sections of the IELTS writing test suitable for students with a level of 5.5 or above.

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The book is designed in sections, each lesson format with detailed writing steps. All examples taken in this book are updated from the latest IELTS tests to ensure accuracy and accuracy of the material. Compared to previous versions of the book, COMPLETE WRITING is the most complete and detailed document to ensure the effectiveness of the student’s learning process.

This book is the result of the non-stop working process of the IELTS exam preparation team in ZIM English: Ms. Dang Ngoc Chau: Editor and Editor of Writing task 1,

  • Author of Writing task 1, Chapter I , II, V.
  • Mr. Cao The Vu: The author of Writing task 1, chapters III, IV, VI.
  • Mr. Pham Quoc Hiep: Author of Writing task 1, chapters VII, VIII and IX.
  • Mr. Nguyen Anh Toan: Editor, author of Writing task 2.


PART 1: IELTS Writing Task 1.

  • Chapter 1: Background.
  • Chapter 2: Composition of writing and steps to do.
  • Chapter 3: Line chart Chapter.
  • Chapter 4: Column chart Chapter.
  • Chapter 5: Pie chart Chapter.
  • Chapter 6: Table Chapter.
  • Chapter 7: Combination chart Chapter.
  • Chapter 8: Map Chapter.
  • Chapter 9: Answer Process.

PART 2: IELTS-Writing Task 2.

  • Chapter 1: Overview Chapter.
  • 2: How to write each Part of an essay.
  • Chapter 3: Opinion format.
  • Chapter 4: Discussion format
  • Chapter 5: Advantage or Disadvantage format.
  • Chapter 6: Cause and Solution format.
  • Chapter 7: Direct question format.

The Complete IELTS Writing

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