The Essential Guide to Writing History Essays 2020

The Essential Guide to Writing History Essays is a step-by-step guide to the typical assignments of any undergraduate or masters-level history program in North America.

Academic historians often have an easier time creating good scholarly writing than they do explaining how to someone else how to do it.

This book is here to help. It will be useful not only in classes focusing on the writing process but as a reference for all history students.

You can also see The Oxford Essential Guide to Writing.

The Essential Guide to Writing History Essays

Effective writing is a process of discovery, achieved through the continual act of making choices–what to include or exclude, how to order elements, and which style to choose–each according to the author’s goals and the intended audience.

The book integrates reading and specialized vocabulary with writing and revision and addresses the evolving nature of digital media while teaching the terms and logic of traditional sources and the reasons for citation as well as the styles.

This approach to writing not only helps students produce an effective final product and build from writing simple, short essays to completing a full research thesis, it also teaches students why and how an essay is effective, empowering them to approach new writing challenges with the freedom to find their own voice.