The Grammar Book An ESL/EFL Teacher’s Course

The Grammar Book: An ESL/EFL Teacher’s Course helps teachers and future teachers grasp the linguistic system and details for English grammar structures and relate them to the everyday needs of ESL/EFL students.

The Grammar Book An ESL/EFL Teacher’s Course

The Grammar Book, Second Edition, is designed to help prospective and practicing teachers of English as a Second or Foreign Language (ESL/EFL) enhance their understanding of English grammar, expand their skills in linguistic analysis, and develop a pedagogical approach to teaching English grammar.

Each chapter in The Grammar Book, Second Edition, is designed to lead readers systemati-cally from an understanding of the grammar structure to an ability to use this understanding in the ESL/EFL classroom. After the first two introductory chapters, each chapter includes:

  • a core presentation of one particular grammatical structure. Descriptions and examples draw upon the latest linguistics and applied linguistic research and include discussions of problems that ESL/EFL students regularly encounter.
  • suggestions for teaching various aspects of each grammar structure to ESL/EFL students
  • comprehension and application exercises that enable readers to assess their under-standing of the material and practice their ability to apply what was been presented
  • a list of references cited
  • suggestions for further reading, consisting of ESL/EFL texts, grammar reference guides, and published linguistic research that provide further information regarding the analysis and teaching of the points covered

At the end of the text, we have also included a detailed appendix with suggested answers to the chapter exercises.

New Features

  • A new organizational framework, which consists of a systematic presentation of the form, meaning, and use of each grammatical structure, improves readers’ ability to access, assimilate, and make pedagogic sense of the material presented.
  • A new chapter (Chapter 2) introduces readers to foundational grammatical concepts and terminology, and provides a basis of understanding for readers with a limited background in linguistics.
  • Three new chapters expand the coverage of English grammar: Tense-Aspect-Modality in Discourse, Reference and Possession, and Adverbials.
  • Completely updated and rewritten chapters include newly synthesized linguistic and applied linguistic research, new exercises, and new references.
  • Updated teaching suggestions are coded to reflect their form, meaning, and/or use orientation and are connected to the organizational framework of the text.

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The Grammar Book An ESL/EFL Teacher's Course


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