The Ultimate Guide to IELTS Speaking

The Ultimate Guide to IELTS Speaking is the best book for building the confidence to speak, and it almost covered all the general topics for the IELTS speaking section.

This book will not skyrocket your speaking skills, but you get a fair idea about the tests itself! what I mean is that you wouldn’t be surprised to any question in the exam.


The Ultimate Guide to IELTS Speaking PDF

Targeted for the IELTS candidates, the book titled The Ultimate Guide To IELTS Speaking by Parthesh Thakkar is an encyclopedic text including the speaking activities and cue cards for the aspirants to refer to.

The book comprises of interview questions and essential materials for the students to try hands-on for gaining confidence on their preparation.

This is a practice book for the IELTS aspirants to gain mastery on the vital skills.

Key sections of the book revolve around subjects like IELTS speaking interview questions with answers, IELTS speaking interview questions for independent practice, overall generic questions and 2 categories of cue cards: with answers and for independent practice.

The attraction of the book remains in the speaking activities for the candidates to try on and gain real-time experience of facing the interviews.

From the candidate’s perspective, this book would prove to be a complete handbook with almost everything one needs to gain ideas in a vast range.

Easy and comprehensive language of the book makes this a comfortable read. The book has been massive success because of the content and delivery and has been available on more than 50 websites. Thakkar has been known as a master to guide students for the writing and speaking skills much needed for cracking IELTS. Primary publications released The Ultimate Guide To IELTS Speaking in 2009 in a Paperback.

This was our IELTS speaking book for today. I hope that you are going to get the best out of it. You can get this book from the links below. I wish you all the best guys. Good Luck!

The Ultimate Guide to IELTS Speaking



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