Time to Talk Intermediate (PDF + Audio)

Time to Talk course is an English communication course that will help you to improve your English speaking language. The course focused on improving your English communication skills.

Time to Talk Intermediate (PDF + Audio)

Time to Talk – 21st Century Communication Skills is a communication-focused course with a global context for 21st-century learners. The series engages learners with relevant content, appealing aesthetics, and meaningful outcomes in every lesson. Interact is a multi-level communicative language course for foundation (Pre-A1) to upper-intermediate (B2) learners of English.

Competency outcomes are attained through the proper balance of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Interact has a deliberate emphasis on integrated-skill activities. In addition, the series includes clear language focus through grammar points and supportive vocabulary.

Activities designed to develop communication skills, collaboration competency, creativity, and critical thinking ability are integrated throughout the series. Digital components expand the lessons and help learners develop digital literacy.

The Time to Talk activities empowers learners to say what they want. Students prepare their own ideas, discuss these ideas in pairs, and present the ideas to the whole class. Learners are encouraged to express and to share their own opinions with each other. As a result, students can develop their discussion and presentation skills. Teachers can develop conversations based on the interests and abilities of the class and the length of the lesson.

Key Features:

● Communicative language approach.
● Progressive transference between multiple skills.
● Real-world situations and learning outcomes.
● Clear learning outcomes connected to the CEFR.
● Integrated digital learning materials.


Time to Talk Intermediate (PDF + Audio)

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