Barron’s TOEFL Strategies and Tips (pdf+Audio)

Barron’s TOEFL Strategies and Tips helps students prepare for the TOEFL before they take the test, and it helps them outsmart the TOEFL while they are actually taking the test.

The book and MP3 CD program offers valuable TOEFL test preparation when used alone, and it is even more effective when used with Barron’s TOEFL iBT, Test of English as a Foreign Language with CD-ROM and Audio CDs, 14th Edition

Download Barron’s. TOEFL Strategies and Tips (pdf+Audio CD)

An internationally recognized ESL teacher and TOEFL test-taking advisor presents detailed, step-by-step coaching designed to help students succeed on the Test of English as a Foreign Language.
  • An opening Orientation chapter discusses the TOEFL’s five test areas, explains how they are scored, and offers a general test preparation plan.
  • Subsequent chapters set forth detailed strategies and exercises for success in all five test sections of both the iBT and the ITP TOEFL: Reading, Listening, Speaking, Structure, and Writing.
  • Accompanying MP3 CDs complement all of the book’s test strategies.
  • All audio material contained on the compact discs is also presented in printed form in the book’s Audioscripts section.
  • Answer Keys for all questions appear at the back of the book.

What are TOEFL strategies?

Many books help you prepare for the TOEFL, but this book is different from all the others. TOEFL Strategies and Tips: Outsmart the TOEFL iBT helps you prepare for the TOEFL before you take the test and it helps you outsmart the TOEFL while you are actually taking the test. How is this possible? By using this book, you will learn the strategies that you need.
A strategy is a way to think, plan, and outsmart the opponent. When you take the TOEFL, it is you against the test. This book contains 100 strategies based on the most current TOEFL formats. The strategies are tips, tactics, and tricks m ou1smart the TOEFL. The tips provide advice on what to do for certain situations that arise during testing. The tactics show you how to approach the most commonly tested questions. The tricks give you the advantage of knowing how raters who grade the TOEFL want you to answer.

With Barron’s TOEFL Strategies and Tips, you can easily find answers to any TOEFL question you might encounter in the real TOEFL test.
Barron's TOEFL Strategies and Tips

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