TOEFL Strategies: A Complete Guide to the iBT

TOEFL Strategies is the best TOEFL book that I have ever studied or taught. I am sure guys that You are going to love it.

TOEFL Strategies: A Complete Guide to the iBT (PDF+Audio)

TOEFL students all ask: How can I get a high TOEFL iBT score? Answer: Learn argument scoring strategies. Why?

Because the TOEFL iBT recycles opinion-based and fact-based arguments for testing purposes from start to finish. In other words, the TOEFL iBT is all arguments.

That’s right, all arguments. If you want a high score, you need essential argument scoring strategies. That is what TOEFL STRATEGIES A COMPLETE GUIDE gives you, and more!


Learn essential TOEFL iBT scoring strategies developed in American university classrooms and proven successful on the TOEFL iBT.


Learn how to maximize scoring by rhetorically analyzing all reading, listening, speaking and writing tasks.


Learn how the TOEFL iBT recycles opinion-based and fact-based arguments for testing purposes in all four test sections.


Learn how to apply the strategy called argument mapping to all TOEFL tasks for maximum scoring.

TOEFL Strategies Review

This is the best TOEFL book I have ever studied or taught. I have been a teacher of TOEFL preparation courses since 2008, and I’ve tried most TOEFL books, and this one is the best. It is very simple to understand and to follow, very clear instruction and practical examples. I took the TOEFL exams two times so far, and I scored 111 and 112.

My advice is BUY THIS BOOK, don’t hesitate and please do not be fooled by the reviews of the other books, I have tried them, and they are more theoretical than practical. This book gives very simple steps to achieve a very high score, I’ve tried it, and IT WORKS! –Fatmeh

This book is the best one for the TOEFL preparation although it seems expensive. It gives you detailed information about how to write, speak and read for the TOEFL.

No other book (even TOEFL official book) explains so detailed. If you have problem especially in writing section, you should study this book. When I study this book I have understood that TOEFL exam is a game I should know the rules and benchmarks.

I am going to apply TOEFL exam next month. I believe that this book will help me to increase my TOEFL score. –ssoydan

tudied for TOEFL x 4 days and used this as a guide. Pretty awesome- got great scores enough to meet the requirements in Grad. School. Will recommend.


TOEFL Strategies


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