TOEFL Test and Score Manual

The TOEFL Test and Score Manual is a manual book for the TOEFL test. This manual will help you to understand the TOEFL test and its scoring. It is an old book but it might be useful if you wanna know more about the TOEFL test.

TOEFL Test and Score Manual Book

The TOEFL Test and Score Manual has been prepared for deans, admissions officers and graduate department faculty, administrators of scholarship programs, ESL teachers, and foreign student advisers. The Manual provides information about the interpretation of TOEFL scores, describes the test format, explains the operation of the testing program, and discusses program research activities and new testing developments.

This edition of the Test and Score Manual updates material in the 1995-96 edition, providing a description of revisions to the test introduced in July 1995, and other information of interest to score users. With the exception of “Program Developments” on page 10, information in this Manual refers specifically to the paper-and-pencil TOEFL test.

What is the purpose of the TOEFL test?

The purpose of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is to evaluate the English proficiency of people whose native language is not English. The test was initially developed to measure the English proficiency of international students wishing to study at colleges and universities in the United States and Canada, and this continues to be its primary function.

However, a number of academic institutions in other countries, as well as certain independent organizations, agencies, and foreign governments, have also found the test scores useful. The TOEFL test is recommended for students at the eleventh-grade level or above; the test content is considered too difficult for younger students.

This was our book for today. I hope it is going to help you understand the TOEFL test. You can get this TOEFL material from the links below. Good Luck!

TOEFL Test and Score Manual


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