TOEFL Test Prep Planner


Download TOEFL Test Prep Planner 2018:

TOEFL Test Prep Planner: That’s the purpose of this TOEFL Test Prep Planner—to help you understand how to prepare for the test effectively and to help you build the English skills you need to succeed.

  • Chapter 1 provides you with a test preparation plan to use in the eight weeks leading up to your test date.
  • Chapter 2 gives you general information about the test and scoring.
  • Chapters 3 through 6 provide more information about the four sections of the test as well as activities, you can do to build your skills.
  • Chapter 7 tells you what to do on and after test day.

TOEFL iBT® Test Prep Planner

The TOEFL iBT® Test Prep Planner offers an 8-week plan to prepare for the TOEFL® test. This comprehensive resource will help you understand how to prepare for the test more effectively and build the English skills you need to succeed in an academic setting and beyond.

The planner will provide you with:

  • general information about the TOEFL iBT test and scoring
  • in-depth review of the 4 sections of the test — reading, listening, speaking, and writing
  • skill-building activities
  • sample TOEFL iBT test questions
  • speaking and writing scoring guides
  • tips for success on test day… and beyond!


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