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Top the TOEFL is a TOEFL preparation book that will provide you with tips and tricks for the TOEFL test. It will help you to understand the TOEFL test and will help to get your desired score too.

Top the TOEFL

You want to go abroad. You want to study at the world’s top universities. But before you can do that, one test stands in your way: the TOEFL. This book is designed to systematically tackle problems that most students face. The practice questions are broken down such that students take on questions on a scale of increasing difficulty. Further, students are taught a range of strategies that can be applied during the examination itself.

Book Format 

Each section follows the format below to ensure that students can grasp the content easily:

  1. Simple Steps — The steps that students need to take for each strategy is boiled down into Simple Steps. When reviewing the material, students only need to look at the Simple Steps to refresh their memory. This will also serve as “handholds” for students who have trouble reading lengthy English text.
  2. Elaboration with Examples — The strategy is then explained in greater detail, and most importantly with examples to illustrate each point. Based on experience teaching hundreds of students English as a second language, a common technique that helps students learn much better is to show concrete examples. More importantly, we show both the correct and incorrect application of the strategies so that students can clearly understand what is “right” and what is “wrong.”
  3. TOEFL Trainer — Lastly, to make sure that students truly understand the material that they have just read, each chapter concludes with progressive exercises. Like a personal trainer at the gym, the TOEFL Trainer gradually increases the exercises’ level of difficulty by dividing them according to Simple Steps so that students will know where they stand and where they need to improve. If the student is able to complete all the exercises, this will also provide them with a boost of confidence that they need for the TOEFL.

I really hope that you found this article useful for you. I wish you all the best Good Luck!

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