Vocabulary Cartoons PDF

Vocabulary Cartoons is an English vocabulary book that makes learning new vocabulary fun just like reading comics. This book will help you to build your English words really fast without even feeling it.

Vocabulary Cartoons PDF

The Vocabulary Cartoons book is about having fun while learning new words easier and faster than you have ever thought possible. You may laugh at many of the 210 cartoons in the book, but don’t for a minute think the cartoons are just for your amusement.

Each and every cartoon is a vocabulary learning tool in the form of a mnemonic device. A mnemonic (nuh MON ik) is a fancy word that simply means “assisting the memory.” Memory experts tell us mnemonics are just about the best way to remember anything.


A rhyming mnemonic is a form of word association where you rhyme a word you want to learn with a word you already know. Here’s an example of a rhyming mnemonic you probably are already familiar with. It is the famous one that teachers often use to help their students remember the date Christopher Columbus discovered America. It goes like this: “Columbus sailed the ocean BLUE in fourteen hundred and ninety-TWO.” BLUE, of course, rhymes with TWO. See how rhymes can be helpful in remembering things? In this book you will find that every word you wish to learn is rhymed with a word you probably already know.



There is a famous expression that says “a picture is worth a thousand words.” For most people, it’s easier to remember pictures that are seen rather than sounds that are heard. Anything that can be visualized as an object is much easier to remember.

All human beings have something like built-in cameras inside their heads. When you know what a banana looks like and you hear the word, your mind automatically makes a mental picture of a banana.

Vocabulary Cartoons PDF

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