What’s Up? : A Guide to American College Speak

What’s Up? is a Guide to American College Speak: Slang and Idioms for Toefl Students pdf

What’s Up? : A Guide to American College Speak

What’s Up? A Guide to American College Speak:  An essential reference tool for any international student attending college in the U.S., this informative dictionary features the most common slang and idioms used on college campuses across the nation.

With its easy-to-use format, conversational tone, and real-world advice from international students, readers will be able to make a smooth transition to any U.S. institution. From social slang to academic slang and everything in between, this unique dictionary will enhance any international student’s college experience.

Introduction by international students studying in the U.S.

  • Learn the idioms and slang you’ll most certainly encounter at any U.S. institution- Covers everything from dining hall terms to party speak.
  • Dictionary.
  • like style makes this an easy-to-use and informative guide.

This brand new guide prepares you for the contemporary American language – from social slang to academic and everything in between.

How to use This Book

The words in this guide are categorized by subject. However, you will find that many words can easily fit in more than one category. For instance, the word horde (an attractive person) appears in Chapter 8. which is about dating and romance. However, because horde is 2 word that describes a person, it could easily fit into Chapter 6. which is about types of people and emotions.

Points to keep in mind:

  •  The part of speech is included for each term in the book. The abbreviations arc as follows:

# noun v verb or verb phrase as adjective adv adverb

  • Following each definition is a sentence or short conversation that is an example of how you would hear the term used in common speech.
  • Words or phrases within the definitions may be underlined. This means they can be found elsewhere in this book. Use the Index to find them.

What's Up? : A Guide to American College Speak

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