Achieve IELTS Grammar And Vocabulary

Achieve IELTS Grammar And Vocabulary is one of the best IELTS preparation books. Anyone new to IELTS will not be perfect either from the very beginning. To do so, you must accumulate and practice a lot, every day and must have a strategy.

Fortunately, the Achieve IELTS Grammar and Vocabulary book is designed to help you fill in weaknesses and strengthen strengths, helping you equip excellent skills for 4 skills and prepare for the IELTS exam later.

You can check Achieve IELTS 2 ( PDF + Audio).

Achieve IELTS Grammar And Vocabulary book (PDF+Audio):

Achieve IELTS Grammar and Vocabulary concentrates on the key grammar points and lexis particular to the IELTS examination. Clear, contextualized grammar explanations and practice activities provide students with the necessary grammar knowledge to complete the academic exercises within the IELTS test, such as describing trends and processes, and grammar for discursive essays. The vocabulary section provides students with the ideal tool to expand their lexical range. Material is presented in lexical sets and includes collocations and phrases to enable students to sound natural in their use of English.

This book is perfectly suited for those who are new to IELTS, the grammatical gap is as big as a well, or the vocabulary is still immature. Even those who have studied IELTS before can also take advantage of the book as a reference source to help you consolidate grammar when encountering any unknown part.

In fact, this book is quite “versatile” there.

Book content:

As the name of the book is clear, the content of knowledge will be divided into two main parts:

  • ¬†Part 1: IELTS Grammar:

In this IELTS grammar section, important and important areas of knowledge will be provided, but the author does not go rambling, going into other areas of knowledge (Unlike the thick grammar book learned in middle Where to study?).

  • The main difference is: This book does not return to the tutorial, providing grammar theory, but will mainly be intensive practice exercises to help students shape and review grammar more firmly.
  • Part 2: IELTS Vocabulary:

As for Vocabulary, the book provides a huge amount of vocabulary, according to each level, B1, B2, C1 … .. and is integrated into the most common topics in the IELTS test.

And as usual, the end of the book will be the answer so you can check what you have done as well as find the mistakes that you often encounter.

Achieve IELTS Grammar And Vocabulary


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