English Vocabulary in Use

English Vocabulary in Use will provide you with the Vocabulary explanations and practice you need to communicate with confidence. It is Perfect for both self-study and classroom activities.

English Vocabulary in Use:

English Vocabulary In Use Elementary

This book will help you learn around 1, 250 new words and phrases. You can use the book yourself, without a teacher. You can do the units in any order you like. If you have the edition with the ebook, you can listen to the pronunciation of all the new vocabulary, and highlight text. see page 171 for more information about the ebook.

The Answer key at the end of the book is for you to check your answers to the exercises aft er you do them. The Answer key sometimes has more than one answer. This is because there is often not just one correct way of saying something. The Answer key also has possible answers for most of the exercises which are open-ended, or where you are asked to talk about yourself.

The Index at the end of the book has all the important words and phrases from the left-hand pages. The Index also tells you how to pronounce words. There is a list of phonemic symbols to help you understand the pronunciation on page 158.

It is a good idea to have a dictionary with you when you use the book so you can check the meaning of something, or translate a word into your own language. sometimes, you will also need a dictionary for the exercises; we tell you when this is so. You also need a vocabulary notebook to write down new words. see page 170 for ideas on how to learn and remember these new words.

We hope you like this book. When you have finished all the units in this book, you can go to the next book in the series English Vocabulary in Use: Pre-intermediate.

English Vocabulary In Use Elementary