Grammar with Laughter

Grammar with Laughter is an English Grammar book that will teach you the grammar with laughter. You are going to enjoy studying grammar with it.

Grammar with Laughter

Grammar with Laughter is ideal for Self Access centres, providing a light but ideal partner to the many self-study grammar practice books that are available. Students can be encouraged to move from the practice exercises in these self-study books to the corresponding unit in Grammar with Laughter. Many of my students find this an enjoyable addition to their use of these self-study books.

Study Grammar  With Humour and Motivation

Grammar with Laughter is a book that uses jokes to highlight grammatical patterns. Humorous learning materials have a number of advantages. Firstly, they increase motivation by being potentially amusing.

Secondly, they are memorable and can help the learner to remember grammar. Lastly, they lead to spontaneous practice and consolidation of grammar through the learner’s natural desire to share jokes with others. How to Write an Essay.

82 Worksheets To Improve Your Grammar

Grammar with Laughter is intended for intermediate students although the material will be of use to the pre-and the post-intermediate student. It consists of 82 worksheets to be used to provide supplementary grammar practice. The worksheets are organized grammatically, consisting of a series of jokes which have a single grammar focus. Each worksheet ends with a task that is designed to help the learner personalize the grammar focus item of the worksheet. This generally involves learners in producing information about themselves, their attitudes, and their opinions.

It is not intended that the worksheets be used to present grammar points. Once a class has completed a unit in their coursebook, the teacher can select the corresponding worksheet as humorous consolidation. Please note that some jokes appear more than once to illustrate different grammar points.

Some techniques To Use The Worksheets

Here are some ideas about using the worksheets in class. There is no one set way of dealing with them. It depends on your students, your situation, and the kind of teacher you are!

  1. Get students to do the exercise alone.
  2. Get students to work in pairs to check their answers and decide on anything they did not understand.
  3.  Do the follow-up activity at the bottom of the page.
  4. Get students to go back over the exercise, this time underlining all uses of the grammar point.
  5. Ask students which jokes they did not find funny. Take a class vote on the best/worst joke on each sheet.
  6. Cut up one (or more) pages and give each student a joke. They then have to learn the joke and tell it to another student without referring to the paper.
  7. Give each student one joke to translate into their own language. Is it still funny?

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article. You can get this grammar book from the links below. Good Luck!

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Grammar with Laughter

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