How to Teach English Like a Pro pdf

How to Teach English Like a Pro will teach you things you need to know to teach ESL to individuals who don’t have any English knowledge, with specialized tips that make the material more accessible for beginners.


Whether you’re dealing with an individual who has forgotten previous English lessons or someone who have never taken any ESL classes, beginners require something a little bit different than any other ESL experience level.

As an instructor, it’s incumbent upon you to remember that you’ll be starting with a blank slate, so you have to carefully consider the lessons you need to impart and how to impart them. That’s why we put together this book, filled with tips on how to do just that.

Here’s what’s inside How to Teach English Like a Pro

  • 37 lessons on how and what to teach beginner learners, from experienced ESL instructors.
  • 15 tips on targeted teaching ESL foundational knowledge to beginner learners.
  • 35 “must read” tips on how to perfect lessons for beginner learners.

How to Teach English Like a Pro

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