IELTS Ideas And Vocabulary

IELTS Ideas And Vocabulary Book

IELTS Ideas And Vocabulary will provide you with ideas and vocabulary for the IELTS test. The book will blow your mind with ideas and vocabulary relevant to the common IELTS topics.

Ideas And Vocabulary For The IELTS  Test

This book can be used for self-study on your own. or in a class with other students, The exercises in the book will help you prepare for the topics and ideas that you may be asked to talk about in the speaking test or to write about in task 2 of the writing test. The same topics and ideas may also occur in the listening test and in the academic module reading test.  It will Improve your IELTS vocabulary by topics.

The units include texts and task that:

  • Introduce useful vocabulary
  • Personalize the topic for the learners
  • Focus on the learners’ own cultures
  • Provide both speaking and writing practice
  • Present information or ideas on the topic
  • Encourage the learners to formulate their own ideas and opinions
  • Support the learners’ own research of the topic.

The units generally become progressively more demanding from unit 1 to unit 13 and there is some recycling of language betwen the units. Teachers may, nevertheless, prefer to work through the units in a different order and will find that there is no real problem in adopting this approach.

Book Features

The following points are the main aims of this book:

  • To help you to form your own opinions about a range of topics.
  • To increase your understanding of topics that you may read or hear about in the IELTS examination.
  • To develop your vocabulary so that you can understand and express ideas on a range of topics.

This was our article for today. I really hope that you have found it helpful to you. You can get the book from the links below and start studying it.  Remember to study hard but smart. I wish you all the best in your coming IELTS test. Good Luck!