IELTS Language Practice Grammar and Vocabulary

IELTS Language Practice English Grammar and Vocabulary is one of the best IELTS grammar and vocabulary practice books.  The book will improve your IELTS grammar and vocabulary skills, and that might make you get your desired IELTS score.

IELTS Language Practice Grammar and Vocabulary BOOK

This book is designed to revise and consolidate grammar points at the level of Cambridge ESOL IELTS.
Although there is no testing of grammar as such in IELTS, an accurate command of grammar is necessary in order to perform examination tasks successfully. It is assumed that users of this book will have reached a level of at least Council of Europe Common Framework level B2, and many will have reached Cl or C2.
The grammar points selected here are those thought to be of most relevance to those planning to take the IELTS exam, and so most worth revising or using for further practice. Points not included here may be found in the Language Practice series and in Macmillan English Grammar in Context.
Grammar is explained and practised within contexts and topic areas relevant to the exam and which include the use of information in graphs and tables. There are regular practice units which involve reading and interpreting graphs and tables.
These range in difficulty material to reflect the different entry levels of students taking the IELTS exam. The Vocabulary and Words and Phrases sections expose users to topic-based lexis they are likely to encounter in IELTS Reading and Listening tasks.
The Vocabulary section also develops the ability to use language appropriate for Writing tasks 1 and 2, Often within the context of various model essays. The language that candidates might use in their Speaking test is made apparent through examples Of direct speech in exercises.
Units 17 and 18 Of the Vocabulary section focus entirely on the first four sublists Of the Academic Word List. The AWL was developed by Averil Coxhead at the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. The 570 words in the list are those most commonly used in a wide range of academic contexts. Therefore, they are words that are likely to appear in IELTS and during college and university programs.

IELTS Language Practice Grammar and Vocabulary


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