IELTS Practice tests plus 3 (PDF+Audio)

IELTS Practice tests plus 3 book contains 6 IELTS Practice Tests equivalent to the real exam to help you with your IELTS test Preparation.

You can also get: IELTS Practice Tests Plus

IELTS Practice tests plus 3 (PDF+Audio)

The IELTS Practice tests plus 3 is the next book in the Pearson Longman series of books, a collection of many useful knowledge for candidates who intend or will take the IELTS reference, with many complete tests 4 skills, help you practice effectively. Please refer.

IELTS Practice tests plus 3

This book gives you the keywords, or the words commonly used in IELTS Writing task 1. Comes with the exam is the detailed, complete answer, clear analysis of answers. true and false answers for the Listening and Reading and Tapescript sections of the Listening tests with highlighted answers.
From there, the reader should select and learn the secret to solve the difficulties he/she faces during the revision process such as how to pass the T / F / NG format – the type considered the most difficult in the IELTS Reading section. The book also has sample answers for each type of written test to guide your writing.

Practice Tests Plus course

Practice Tests Plus books include audio and color visual materials allowing students to practice for the speaking and listening papers at home:

sample answer sheets and a guide to the exam so your students know what to expect – answer key and audio script to support teachers doing exam practice in class.
Practice Tests Plus Multi-ROM: –
Authentic examples of the speaking exam – Writing samples – Teaching tips and activity ideas – Interactive phonetics chart.
Now you can download the IELTS Practice Test Plus 3 PDF With Audio and Answer Key for free. From the links below. And start preparing for the IELTS test. I wish you all the best in your exam.

Book Review:

I studied this book, not just read it. Well, it is a preparatory book for a Uni entry exam. That can be a challenge for a non-native speaker…like me.

If you are looking for a book for IELTS, this is one that you can opt. It covers all four components and each gives you ample opportunity for the taste of the real exam.

I like the reading sections for the knowledge of a variety of information from different fields well, other than readying a candidate for the exam. The listening sections ready learners with different accents of the speakers – that tests candidates on their listening skills and understanding and thinking – all at the same time. You can try each of the speaking practices – they may reduce the nervousness of non-knowing what to expect and do try the writing questions as practice makes you better prepared to ace the exam.

The books will give candidates full-some practices for the exam. Recommending to all who need it.

IELTS Practice tests plus 3

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