IELTS Practice Tests Plus

For those of you who are at the level of 5.0-6.0 and are looking for IELTS Preparation, IELTS Practice Tests Plus is a great choice for you. This is considered a difficult set of practice questions, so many of you are afraid to do this set.

However, the difficulty of the Plus set is only equivalent to the real exam, so if you want to really improve yourself, I advise you not to skip it!

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IELTS Practice Tests Plus

The IELTS Practice Tests Plus series has published 3 books, each book is equivalent to 6 Practice Tests, the difficulty level is ranked in the order:

Unlike All Cambridge IELTS Books 1 to 17 series, the IELTS Practice Plus series explains the Key section quite clearly, not merely giving the answer, and provides a lot of useful tips for all 4 skills. Especially for those of you who are looking to conquer 9.0.

How should I use the Practice Tests Plus Books?

As we said above, this is quite difficult compared to the practice sets, so it should be used at the test preparation stage 2-3 months before the exam date. Those who are new to IELTS should not use this series because it will be very frustrating.

For those of you who are about to take the test, try 1-2 days can do 1 test from the time 1.5-2 months before the test date. When you do try to time it is exactly like taking the real exam.

Usually, if you get more than 30 sentences in this set, it’s easy to get >8.0 (> 35 sentences) in the Reading section when you go for real.

The Listening part of this set doesn’t sound very good, so you can practice briefly, don’t do this Listening under time pressure like taking the real exam (when taking the real exam, the sound quality will be much better. ); With Listening, you can test under time pressure with the Cam, it will be more accurate.

IELTS Practice Tests Plus

IELTS Practice Test Plus 1.

IELTS Practice Test Plus 2.

IELTS Practice Test Plus 3.

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