IELTS Writing Band 8.0 Task 1+2

IELTS Writing Band 8.0 Task 1+2 book includes sample IELTS Writing articles (10 Task 1 and 15 articles Task 2). All articles are in a simple and effective style, without words, Complex grammar but very clear. These samples all got a band score of around 8.0.

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You probably know the story of Mark Zuckerberg wearing it every day a similar outfit to save time-wasting time thinking about which outfit to wear. I have a similar approach with IELTS Writing.

All posts by we all follow the same style and have the same sentence structure each other, have the same way of developing and arranging the identical ideas you will notice one Easy way to read this sample ebook collection.

This will have 2 benefits. The first benefit, when I write a hundred articles as one, when I take the exam There is no need to spend time thinking about what sentence structure to use or whether to develop your ideas how.

Therefore, I can “shoot” very quickly in the exam room (the last time I took the exam Write and finish both tasks within 40 minutes and still get 8.0). The second benefit is for students who want to refer to their samples.

You will be able easily strike out the same points, the same directions in the tracks write your own, from which find the method of writing simple and most effective. I wish you make the best use of this sample ebook and achieve results.


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