Lesson 8: Prepositions

In this lesson, we will explore prepositions, their types, and their uses in sentences. Prepositions are words that show relationships between nouns (or pronouns) and other words in a sentence, indicating direction, location, time, and more.

Definition of Prepositions

Prepositions are words that connect nouns, pronouns, or phrases to other words within a sentence. They typically indicate relationships such as direction, location, time, or manner.


  • Direction: to, from, towards, through
  • Location: in, on, at, under, over
  • Time: before, after, during, until
  • Manner: by, with, like, as


  • She walked to the park.
  • The book is on the table.
  • We will meet after lunch.
  • He solved the problem with ease.

Types of Prepositions

  1. Prepositions of Direction

Prepositions of direction show the movement from one place to another.


  • She is going to the store.
  • He walked through the forest.
  • They drove towards the city.
  1. Prepositions of Location

Prepositions of location indicate the position of something.


  • The cat is under the table.
  • The picture is on the wall.
  • The park is near the school.
  1. Prepositions of Time

Prepositions of time show when something happens.


  • We will meet at 5 PM.
  • She has been working since morning.
  • The project is due by Friday.
  1. Prepositions of Manner

Prepositions of manner describe how something is done.


  • She solved the puzzle with ease.
  • He sings like a professional.
  • They acted as a team.

Prepositional Phrases

A prepositional phrase starts with a preposition and ends with a noun or pronoun, called the object of the preposition. Prepositional phrases can function as adjectives or adverbs.


  • Adjective Phrase: The book on the table is mine. (modifies ‘book’)
  • Adverb Phrase: She ran with great speed. (modifies ‘ran’)


  • The keys are in the drawer. (location)
  • We will leave after breakfast. (time)
  • He walked along the river. (direction)

Common Prepositions

Here are some common prepositions and their uses:

  • About: The story is about a hero.
  • Above: The plane flew above the clouds.
  • Across: They walked across the bridge.
  • Against: He leaned against the wall.
  • Among: She was among friends.
  • Around: They gathered around the table.
  • Before: We arrived before noon.
  • Behind: The car is parked behind the house.
  • Below: The temperature is below freezing.
  • Beside: She sat beside him.
  • Between: The shop is between the bank and the pharmacy.
  • By: The book was written by a famous author.
  • During: It rained during the night.
  • For: This gift is for you.
  • From: He comes from Spain.
  • In: The keys are in the bag.
  • Into: She walked into the room.
  • Of: He is a friend of mine.
  • On: The picture is on the wall.
  • Since: They have been here since Monday.
  • To: She is going to the market.
  • With: He solved the problem with a calculator.

This lesson provided an in-depth look at prepositions, covering their types and uses in sentences. Understanding these concepts is crucial for constructing clear and accurate sentences. In the next lesson, we will explore conjunctions and how they connect words and phrases. Check Lesson 9: Conjunctions.