Progressive Skills level 3 (PDF+Audio)

Download Progressive Skills level 3 (pdf+Audio)

Download Progressive Skills level 3: Progressive Skills in English is a new course that prepares students for entry into English-medium study. Progressive Skills in English teaches necessary skills as part of a systematic programme of language development. The course builds the skills required for lectures, tutorials, reading research and written assignments in English. These new separate-skill editions allow students to focus on their individual skill requirements.


This is Level 3 of erogresser Skies listening & Speaking. This course is in four levels. from Intermediate to Advanced In addition, there is a remedial! false beginner course, Starting Sk&S, for students Peo are not ready to begin Level I
Progressive Skiffs: Listening & Speaking is designed to kelp students who are at unreersity or about to enter a university where some or all of their course is taught in English. The course helps students in these stilts. listening – to lectures Speaking – in tutorial and seminars
Ptogrenise Skilk Listening & Speaking is arranged in fve themes. Each theme is divided into two skill sections Each skill section has five core lessons as }open’.

  • Lesson 1: lei:cabalist), foe the stay Pre teaches key exabedery for the section
  • Lesson 2: Realmme practice practises previously learnt skills and exposes students to new skills, in most cases, this lesson provides a model for the activity Lessos 5
  • lesson 3: teaming skills Presents and Practises new Pols
    Lesson 4: Grammar for the skiff presents and practises key grammar pants for the skill
  • Lesson 5: Applying seas Provides practice in the ‘kik, and grammar from the section: in most cases. students work on a parallel task to the one presented in Lesson 2
    In addition, the Everyday English lessons present and practise survival Engish for everyday kle



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