The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS (PDF+ Audio)

The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS is the best IELTS book that you can ever find in the market.  It is actually the definitive guide to the IELTS test. This amazing book has all you need to know so you can succeed in the IELTS exam. The book contains skill-building exercises, that cover all of the question types in the IELTS exam. All the exercises in this book for both the IELTS  General Training and IELTS Academic Modules. 

This book is perfect for IELTS candidates at band 4.0 and above and It has everything you need to know about the IELTS test. This book will improve your score from band 4 to band 9 in the IELTS test. The book has tips and explanations and strategies that cover all the questions in the IELTS test for both modules. You can also check  IELTS 14 General Training and IELTS 14 Academic.


Book Features

The features for the Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS book are as follow:

  • A range of essential skill-building exercises and focus on exam strategy helps you to maximize your grade.
  • Eight official IELTS tests provide plenty of exam practice.
  • Prepares for both the General Training and Academic Modules.
  • Answer keys provide clear explanations to help you learn and improve your score.
  • Suitable for students of all bands (4.0 and above), you can choose how much or how little language development you need.
  • Speaking test videos help prepare you for this hard-to-anticipate part of the exam.
  • Accompanying app delivers the video and audio content in an alternative format for portable devices (App Store or Google Play).
  • The ‘Caravaggio’ reading passage and answer key (Test 4, Reading passage 3, p.220-223) is available as a PDF to download and print from the Resources tab above.

This was step-by-step guidance for the IELTS test, that covers everything in the IELTS exam for both models. I hope that you got what you need to know in this article. If you really liked this book you can get it from the link below.