Actual IELTS Listening Test with Audio and Answers

Worried about your IELTS Listening Test? Check out this IELTS listening test with audio and answers! Get a jump start on your IELTS Listening journey and ace the test!

Actual IELTS Listening Test with Audio and Answers 2021  (eBook + Audio + Tapescripts)

Improve your listening skills and score higher on the IELTS Listening Test with this real IELTS Listening Test. Audio and answer key included!

IELTS Listening Actual Tests and Answers 2021 consists of several types of questions, which are – Multiple Choice questions, Map Labelling, Sentence Completion/ Note Completion/ Table Completion Match Questions. The comprehensiveness of this book will provide candidates with useful listening practice and experience prior to taking the IELTS Listening test. Practice makes perfect!

This IELTS Listening eBook is written by a professional IELTS Trainer with 10 years of experience in the teaching of English as a Second Language.

This e-book will prepare you for all four modules of the i listening test which will help you to answer the questions accurately. There are three separate tips and tricks for each question type, which familiarize you with common pitfalls students experience while answering these questions

IELTS Listening Actual Tests Features

The IELTS Listening eBooks have arrived! These eBooks contain all the actual listening topics being currently used in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Get to know the signpostings language used by ETS and learn how it could help you answer IELTS Listening test questions more efficiently.

  • 164 sections with answers (Audios+Tapescripts).
  • 300+ pages.
  • Tips and tricks for each question type.
  • Signposting language example.
  • Multiple Choice questions.
  • Map Labelling.
  • Sentence completion/ Note completion/ Table completion.
  • Match questions.
  • Answer key by IELTS Trainers.

IELTS Listening Actual 2021

IELTS Listening Actual Tests and Answers 2021  can help you prepare for the Listening test based on the latest.

It provides students with the highest target IELTS listening test and real answers to those questions. The book gives students the highest standard of quality and reliability so they can practise and prepare for the actual IELTS listening test.

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