Phrasal Verbs in Context (PDF+ Audio)

Phrasal Verbs in Context book will teach you the phrasal verb a memorable and supportive way. The book provides over 300 phrasal verbs in the context of a humorous story in cartoon form.

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Phrasal Verbs in Context

This book offers you a new method for learning phrasal verbs such as ‘put on’, ‘take of, ‘give up’, and ‘look for’.

It starts with a specially written cartoon story in which 325 common phrasal verbs are introduced in a tale of adventure, love, money. crime, honor, and a blue Rolls Royce. To help you recognize these different verb-preposition forms and bring them into your active vocabulary, there are follow-up exercises and detailed grammar notes.

Then – in Part Two – there is an extended blank-filling revision exercise based on the cartoon.

Part Three has the answers for all the exercises and a full alphabetical listing of the phrasal verbs, cross-referenced to the original text.

If you learn some of the stories by heart and do all the follow-up exercises, you should find that these 325 phrasal verbs can become a part of your everyday language as you develop a more natural and more instinctive command of English.

Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs in the English language are notorious because very often students make mistakes in this part of the speech. This particular textbook, with an abundance of colorful and catchy images, will help to solve this difficult problem once and for all. The training program contains about 300 phrasal verbs.

Each of the stories is told with an incredible sense of humor and excitement, which will be excellent leisure for the benefit of yourself. Also, entertaining stories are voiced and are present on the audio disc, which is attached to the course. The system of exercises with answers will help you constantly monitor the level of progress and mastery of the material covered.

About The Book

English phrasal verbs are notoriously difficult to learn, but this colorful, entertaining book contextualizes them in a memorable and supportive way. The book presents over 300 phrasal verbs in the context of a humorous story in cartoon form which sustains the reader’s interest and concentration. Learning is promoted and reinforced by a series of vocabulary and preposition exercises that practice and recycle individual items.

The book contains:

  • The full cartoon story with accompanying exercises and detailed grammar notes;
  • The text reworked as an extended blank-filling exercise;
  • An answer key;
  • An alphabetical listing of the phrasal verbs covered in the book, cross-referenced to the original text.
    The cartoon story has been recorded on cassette, and can also be bought as a book/cassette package.
    Phrasal Verbs in Context is recommended as supplementary material for Peter Dainty’s Passport to Cambridge First Certificate course, or for any other coursebook at the First Certificate level.

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Phrasal Verbs in Context (PDF+ Audio)

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