Intensive IELTS Listening Course (PDF + Audio)

Intensive IELTS Listening is an excellent material for learners who aim at scoring 7+ on the IELTS Listening test. Specifically, this book is organized by listening task type so that you can learn to tackle each type of questions successfully.

Intensive IELTS Listening Course (PDF + Audio)

The Intensive IELTS listening course has 5 units, but the Listening lesson is quite a lot, so you can study 1 Unit / 1 day or 2 days to retain information and understand the problem more deeply. Remember to check your answers after completing the test, do not preview. Remember to practice regularly, the book is not thick, it will be over soon.

This book is for you band 3.5-4.0 and above, you can listen to practice questions. This is an extremely effective Listening practice book that will definitely help you raise your Listening score quickly.

Structure of the book Intensive IELTS Listening

The structure of the book Intensive IELTS Listening is divided into 4 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Practice questions according to 5 common question types in IELTS Listening:  Ticking and Table filling, Map Labeling, Short Answer, Matching, and Multiple ChoiceEach Unit will have about 8-10 practice exercises with increasing difficulty.

You will experience different ways of making questions but following the same question type, thereby better understanding the Listening test.

  • Chapter 2: The general test is applied in the same format as the real IELTS exam with the question types changed in order. Through the test, you will analyze the question, determine the test format and apply the knowledge and experience you have done in the above 5 lesson activities and improve yourself.
  • Chapter 3: Includes Audioscripts of Unit and test exercises. From here, you will check the correct answer in chapter 4.
  • Chapter 4: The final answer. Because this part in the PDF scan of the book is not very clear, please zoom in to check it, do not view it in a small pdf format.

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Intensive IELTS Listening Course (PDF + Audio)

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