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Intensive IELTS reading is a very interesting book oriented to fast acquiring the skills needed for the IELTS Reading Section of the IELTS exam.

The book covers the essential moments in the Reading test, such as giving attention to grammar, vocabulary and passage organization.


Intensive IELTS Reading is a very good Reading book, the lesson content is very scientific and detailed, which will help you to self-study IELTS at home to understand the IELTS reading test, improve vocabulary and grammar.

With this book, you don’t have to worry about problems like how many types of questions there are in the IELTS Reading test, how to guess the meaning of a word when you have never seen it before, or how to solve it. Solve tough questions in time to read all three thousand-word texts.


The content structure of this book consists of 6 parts, scientifically built and detailed to help learners self-study IELTS at home. Understand and master the structure of the types of papers in IELTS Reading, and improve your vocabulary and grammar.

Chapter 1: Introduction to topics and types of frequently asked questions in the IELTS Reading test.

Chapter 2: This is a section to help you expand your vocabulary, grammar, and organization of paragraphs in the reading passage. Through it, guide you how to capture keywords and main ideas in each paragraph.

Chapter 3: Instructions on the steps and strategies for making the most effective reading.

Chapter 4: Applying the strategies learned in the 6 types of practice tests in the Reading-Comprehension test (Finding out Main Ideas, Summary/ Table/ Process/ Sentences Completion…).

Chapter 5: Practice with Multiple Choice (the most difficult type in the Reading-Comprehension test). Corresponds to 14 different topics that often appear in the Reading test.

Chapter 6: Answer keys (answers to exercises in the book). This is what I really like about the book, with the answers that will help learners compare the results easily.

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Intensive IELTS Reading pdf


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