Intensive IELTS Speaking PDF

The Intensive IELTS Speaking book is one of the best IELTS speaking materials. For those who intend to study and take the IELTS Speaking Contest, this book can be one of the options for doing the study material.

Intensive IELTS Speaking PDF

The content of the book closely follows Ielts’ Speaking format. The author offers a number of thematic and three-part questions, with questions and suggested answers. In particular, this book is rewritten some suitable content for Vietnamese people so they can help learners to consult and grasp reasonable answers for the exam.

Score processing, reporting, and interpretation

All IELTS marking takes place at the test centre by trained markers and examiners. Markers are trained to understand the IELTS marking policy and are required to demonstrate that they are marking to standard before they are allowed to mark Listening and Reading tests. Markers are retested every two years to ensure that their marking remains up to standard. Systematic monitoring and double marking of a proportion of answer sheets are carried out at each administration.

Examiners for the Writing and Speaking tests are recruited and trained in line with agreed standards. They are required to demonstrate that they are marking to standard every two years in addition to ongoing monitoring of their performance.

Candidates receive scores on a Band Scale from I to 9. A score is reported for each subtest. The four individual subtest scores are averaged and rounded to produce an Overall Band Score. The Overall Band Score and the four individual subtest scores are reported in whole or half band, e.g. 6.5,, 8.0.

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Intensive IELTS Speaking PDF


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