Intensive IELTS Writing Course pdf

Intensive IELTS Writing Course provides you with clear, practical guidance to give you expert knowledge and help you become a persuasive writer.

Intensive IELTS Writing Course

Intensive IELTS Writing Cours is a great book for you to practice IELTS Writing, designed in a scientific and detailed way to help learners get acquainted and create a perfect article. The book includes 6 chapters with content including:

  • Chapter 1:  General knowledge of Writing exams & Grading criteria for this test.
  • Chapter 2:  Instructions for preparation and journey for a complete article (Task 1 & Task 2).
  • Chapter 3:  Introducing basic writing styles & some common mistakes that make learners lose a pity.
  • Chapter 4:  Giving you links and specific examples of sentences.
  • Chapter 5:  Detailed analysis of Academic Writing, according to 2 main topics: Writing Writing and Essay Writing, helps students understand how to do and step-by-step process for a good article.
  • Chapter 6 : Finally will be a collection of some good IELTS Writing models for your reference.

Intensive IELTS Writing Course pdf

The Intensive IELTS Writing Course includes all the features of the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses, plus additional writing tasks.

The course is ideal for people with a short time to prepare: writing tasks are progressively introduced and practiced so you can concentrate on specific areas of weakness.

The Intensive IELTS Writing course is a completely self-contained resource that targets the writing component of the IELTS examination.

The unique design of the material has been developed to enable learners to maximise their chance of success in this area through both independent and teacher-directed study.

The course introduces learners to an array of writing tasks, including Academic Writing; Opinion Writing; Proposal Writing; Practical Writing; Research Summary and Exploration; Letter Writing.

Each unit in the book provides a focused practice task for each of these areas, with detailed rubrics for evaluation.

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Intensive IELTS Writing Course pdf

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